Commonest Error in Medicine

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Fri Dec 5 00:39:50 UTC 2014

Dear all, I was reading a few nights ago my latest copy of the American Family Physician that had just arrived. I read the lead article entitled, Diagnosis and Management of Tinea Infections. I thought this was an excellent article, well structured with good content and advice. I thought I should share this with John Ely as an example of what could be done thinking of the current endavor we are discussing. I then looked at the authors who were John Ely, Sandra Rosenfeld, and Mary Stone. The very John Ely on this list! This brings up the form that we should use for each diagnosis if we would like to eventually publish something relating to common diagnostic errors.
Should the monographs be basically structured somewhat like John Ely's Tinea article or something like the common condition decision making table algorithms (Symptoms, evaluation, treatment, etc.). Also, would a standard pulmonary embolus algorithm with error considerations at each decision point added work. Or is something special needed, particularly if one might be thinking of moving towards a digital decision making learning program?
What should the format be as we work through the the list of common diagnostic errors? Rob Bell

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