Commonest error in medicine?

Vic Nicholls nichollsvi2 at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 5 12:55:31 UTC 2014

The most common errors in medicine are not listening to the patient and 
respecting that the patient might be telling you the truth, inability to 
believe a HCP can be wrong and to consider alternate diagnoses. Giving 
mental diagnoses because HCP's don't want to be bothered to do legwork.

Last but most important is being human. I can think of a number of 
people harmed who would expect something other than bullying, 
gaslighting, stalking, gang stalking, risk managers/lawyers, and trying 
to use the cops to silence people. Not everyone is a lawsuit. Some 
people just want better & more compassionate care.

I would add that being your own worst enemy ranks up there guys. If you 
can't consider the patient, consider why you got into medicine in the 
first place. When a doc says they see 60-70% talking about money, we're 
going to respond like that.


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