Commonest error in medicine

Robert Bell rmsbell200 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 6 16:21:24 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I had the idea that instead of talking and sharing thoughts on a list server that some of the good will, and the time of the contributors could be used to actually DO something useful. Be it a resolution sent to the organizers of the list on a particular issue, or the basis for an article/publication. This, and perhaps a little naively, considering that the most successful technology companies operate on the basis of creativity and inclusiveness being intertwined. And this list had an amazing cross section of talent and diversity. Somehow I had the idea that we could miraculously DO something to help with the apperent lack of progress in the last 15 years since the IOM report on Errors.

But I think the hurdles of confidentiality, available tIme of contributors, differing society aims, competing projects, differing individual aims, patent considerations, litigation issues, and institute affiliations, etc., etc, are likely to make this all too great of an uphill battle.

Thank you for all being so gracious, to at least try to move the idea forward.

Robert Bell, M.D.

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