Published results of cognitive bias training or similar efforts

Brent Smith smithb at SMITHNET.US
Fri Dec 12 12:15:46 UTC 2014

Hello -

I sent this out a few days ago but I think I messed up by thread jacking
instead of starting my own message.  Here it is again.

Are any members of this list aware of published results on the
effectiveness of cognitive de-biasing training among medical trainees?  I'm
aware of James Reily's curriculum paper and an effort by Sherbino pasted
below.  I've searched for similar papers but haven't found any.  I'm
looking specifically for results of educational interventions among medical
traininees aimed at raising awareness of and reducing the effect of
cognitive biases as they relate to misdiagnosis.

thanks =)

brent smith

> Reilly JB, Ogdie AR, Von Feldt JM. Teaching about how doctors think: a
> longitudinal curriculum in cognitive bias and diagnostic error for
> residents. *BMJ Qual Saf*. Aug 2013;22(12):1044-1050.
> 7.
> Sherbino J, Kulasegaram K, Howey E. Ineffectiveness of cognitive forcing
> strategies to reduce biases in diagnostic reasoning: a controlled trial.
> *CJEM*. 2014;16(1):34-40.

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