Recent article From the Sunday New York Times: "Doctor, shut up and listen!"

Ross Koppel rkoppel at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Mon Jan 12 18:29:27 UTC 2015

Yes! of course... and several things included that are wrong or 

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On 1/12/2015 12:41 PM, Robert L Wears, MD, MS, PhD wrote:
> I have to strongly agree here.  A history is not a collection of facts, but a narrative
> co-constructed by doctor and patient (and often, family).  It's much more akin to interpreting
> literature than it is to following an algorithm.
> And it's never 'complete'.  In any communication, there are always more possibilities than
> can be realized; something is always left out, something else also could have been said.
> bob

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