Recent article From the Sunday New York Times: "Doctor, shut up and listen!"

Robert L Wears, MD, MS, PhD wears at UFL.EDU
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I like this thought -- I've often thought that the 'medicine is an art -- no medicine is a science' 
debate is sterile and unfruitful.  In addition, assertions that 'an art' is involved tend to be 
dead ends, closing off rather than opening up discussion.

My own thinking is closer to David's -- medicine is neither art nor science, but rather a craft 
-- a learned way of thinking and acting about illness and injury.  In that it is rougly paralle to 
engineering, which is also not a science, but rather an informed, iterative tinkering and 
assessing to try to make things better in some sense.


On 12 Jan 2015 at 17:24, David Lawrance wrote:

> The practice of clinical medicine is neither art nor science. Those
> things are both experimental. Whatever I do is not so much that. I
> think I'm more of a skilled technician. My skills were largely
> learned, but not taught. I have a lot left to master even after 35
> years of practice. I wish what I did was experimental so that I could

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The kind of thinking got us into these problems
is not likely to be the kind of thinking that gets us out.

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