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One of the advantages of our current "silos" - various EMR's do not talk to each other - is that if a patient is seen at the Elsewhere General, nothing about that visit goes into my chart about the encounter, and it is unlikely I would even know about it!

Edward Hoffer MD

More seriously, if I did have an encounter note, I would always ask the patient about their encounter, and when they denied it occurred, would chalk it up to mistaken identity.

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Question for all health professionals:

With the recent rash of patient ID stealing (Anthem especially), say a patient of yours has someone impersonate them at another practice, they get medical care and/or medications. No one figures it out.

You go in at the patients' next appointment, and make assumptions that the information in the chart is correct. You make a different course of action (misdiagnosis) due to that information.

Has any one considered about having checks other than just medication checks in the chart to stop a scenario like this? I can say no I'm not taking that medication, to the nurse when they ask. It will be struck off with no other comment.



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