AHRQ Grants for Diagnostic Error

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That is good and healthy for patients.
An important initiative.. Is ambulatory mainly doctor's office practices or hospital office practice, or all?
With the two big ones (private and hospital), which is more important in reducing larger numbers of diagnostic errors? I am leaning towards private doctor's office practices where there has been less study and control.
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This is a big day for our diagnostic safety community:  AHRQ has just issued the first-ever grant announcement that specifically targets “ Diagnostic Safety in Ambulatory Care”.  Both R01 (large grants) and R18 (small grants) will be funded under this initiative, which will be open annually until 2018.  With so many proposed, but untested interventions that have been raised, there’s many opportunities.  Go get ‘em !
Mark L Graber MD FACPPresident, SIDM  

Title:     Understanding and Improving Diagnostic Safety in Ambulatory Care: Strategies and Interventions   

Deadline Date:  Standard due dates apply: January 25, May 25, and September 25.

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