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Actually, the International Society of Quality (ISQua) accredits the accreditors internationally (I am president)--there are a number of organization that accredit internationally as noted below.  The U.S. is unusual in having such a high proportion of hospitals accredited.

David Bates
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This below seemed fairly balanced.

Does it say something that 99% of hospitals are accredited?

The fees are paid by the Hospital ($46,000 per survey plus travel expenses, and lodging for the survey team).

Newspaper criticism exist.

No one inspects the Joint Commission.

The JC cannot be too tough it would be seen or they would lose business - our local hospital dropped the JC some years ago and now uses a State Organization for accreditation, I believe. The Wikipedia article below has 12 other organizations that accredit hospitals and facilities. I am presuming that there is not standardization across these organizations, but perhaps I am wrong?

Phil, the JC would be an excellent place to start the ball rolling on preventing diagnostic errors in general. Good luck with your presentation.

Rob Bell




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