Study Conclusion: NP diagnostic reasoning in a complex case scenario compared favorably with that of physicians.

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The methodology was interesting, worth a read. Participants were given a
complex inpatient case presentation, and instructed to use a "think aloud"
protocol. Judgement of correct dx was by an expert panel.


It must have been complex case indeed: MDs made the correct diagnosis 61.9%
of the time. NPs made the correct diagnosis 54.7% of the time. The
differences were not statistically significant. Participants who took longer
to complete the case scenario were more accurate.


Pirret AM, Neville SJ, La Grow SJ. Nurse Practitioners Versus Doctor
Diagnostic Reasoning in a Complex Case Presentation to an Acute Tertiary
Hospital: A Comparative Study. Int J Nurs Stud. 2015;52:716-726.






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