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Sun Aug 30 00:33:39 UTC 2015

Dear David Myers,

Here is a copy of the PDF file that was printed  in the Inside Medical Liability Journal in the last week or so.

“Reprinted with permission of PIAA. Copyright, 2015.”

David, I would be interested in readers comments and whether addressing overall infrastructure issues of “general” errors in medicine needs to be accomplished at the same/similar time as improvements in errors in diagnosis are being addressed?  Can and should improvements in Errors in Diagnosis be separated from improvements in “general" medical errors? What impact do “general" medical errors have on obtaining the correct diagnosis? 

If telemedicine standards are not well developed with numerous errors creeping in, radiological standards are poor and varied from center to center, laboratory errors are common and differ from place to place, call backs to patients with their results often non-existent, and language difficulties confusing everyone, does any sophisticated diagnostic program overcome these?  

Don’t most of the critical aspects of the ancient broken car need to be fixed at the same/similar times for best results?! 

Rob Bell

Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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