Not Disappointed - But ICD needs tuning

Carrie cj.2244 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Sep 26 22:43:38 UTC 2015

I think it's very important for the ICD system to allow us to use, e.g., "Bronchitis - working diagnosis," or "Probable Bronchitis."  Let's face it, we don't know for sure at that first presentation!  If it clears up, great!  If it doesn't, at least the next physician seeing the EHR or record knows it was a "presentation that looked like bronchitis at the time" (or gastroenteritis, or onychomycosis, or contact dermatitis, or lipoma or whatever).

When we are asked to actually put down a diagnosis, we should be absolutely certain it's correct, or we should (be allowed, or even encouraged!) to use "probable" to be more scientific, exact, precise, and correct.

Carolyn Oliver, MD, JD
Cautious Patient Foundation

Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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