IMreasoning Episode 10 is out!

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In this episode we talk about the second victim in medical error.

or, go to the podcast app on your iphone and search for imreasoning, and

Here is the blurb from the episode...enjoy!


When we talk about medical errors, we need to remember that there are two
victims; the patient who suffers harm as a result of the error, and the
clinician who makes the error.  As long as the practice of medicine remains
a human endeavour, medical errors are inevitable.  As a medical community
we need to accept that errors will occur.  We need to talk about them
openly and honestly, share our own stories, and support our colleagues when
they share their stories with us. As members of society, we should better
understand the fallibility of medical practitioners, and we need to
understand the limits of their craft.We had the opportunity to interview
Brian Goldman, an ED doctor from Toronto, Canada, who is also a journalist,
host of the CBC radio show “White Coat, Black Art”, author of two books
unveiling the secrets of medical culture, and a “TED-talker” with his
presentation entitled “Doctors make mistakes – can we talk about that”.

We also interviewed our friend and colleague, Dr. David Spriggs, a Brit who
has lived in NZ for many years, an excellent general internist and
geriatrician, who regularly teaches our trainees on the reality of making


We highly recommend Dr. Brian Goldman’s TED talk and his excellent books,
The Night Shift, Real Life in the Heart of the ER and his latest, The
Secret Language of Doctors, Cracking the Code of Hospital Slang. Follow
this link to his radio show White Coat, Black Art. You can also check out
Brian’s website.

Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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