Diagnostic errors related to acute abdominal pain in the emergency department.

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I can't get to the whole article, but here is a link to the abstract.


Medford-Davis L, Park E, Shlamovitz G, Suliburk J, Meyer AN, Singh H.
Diagnostic errors related to acute abdominal pain in the emergency

Emerg Med J. 2015 Nov 3. pii: emermed-2015-204754. doi:
10.1136/emermed-2015-204754. [Epub ahead of print]


Of interest, over 1/3 of high risk abdominal pain pts in the ED in this
study had diagnostic errors. The most commonly missed diagnoses were gall
bladder disease and UTI, confirming once again that it tends to be the most
common diagnoses, not the rarest that are misdiagnosed.


2/3 of the cases had breakdowns in the diagnostic process, most often 

*        history-taking

*        ordering insufficient tests

*        problems with follow-up of abnormal test results





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