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from  an infrequent participant but a regular reader of all mail:
l. Suggest that DEM be a part of every training program as well as a
required CME to be on a hospital staff.
2. Make this discussion a part of the specialty gatherings which occur
monthly for most specialties.
3. Be informed by those who are academicians  or chiefs of hospital staffs
what situations are becoming more hazardous with regards to mistakes made
and ultimately lead to complications and death.
4. For those who help implement the new software , what can be done to keep
the focus on the whole patient and not just satisfying the strict coding
5 I am discouraged with medical assistants  who are getting somehow the
wrong emphasis on the disease process as if they came to our practice
poorly prepared and that we are not doing a good job training these
6 . As a director of a Pediatric  Asthma Allergy clinic for a University
Hospital for over twenty years, I gave a presentation to the residents and
interns  of mistakes that I have made which fortunately as far as I know,
never resulted in a death but this instruction as I am told was helpful in
encouraging house staff to always be aware of a condition that is totally
different from one's specialty.
(to think outside the box and sometimes be paranoid that I might be missing
something more serious}.
Thank you Robert Bell for asking this question.
Lenny Hoffman MD
Semi Retired Asthma, Allergy, Clinical Immunology. Houston Texas

On Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 2:13 PM, robert bell <
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> *Questions *
> Do those working in the Medical industry ask enough questions?
> Would asking more  questions lead to creativity, and that then lead to
> solutions, and finally to saving more lives and injury from errors in
> medicine?
> Are we making enough progress with Errors in Medicine?
> What is the one thing, that we could do right now, that would save some
> lives or reduce injuries caused by errors in medicine?
> Robert Bell, M.D. Ph.C.
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