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Thanks, Mark, and Happy New Year to all!

I’ve actually just read “Failure: Why Science is So Successful” by Prof. Stuart Firestein and recommend it highly.  He devotes a brief discussion to failure in medicine (which would include, but is not limited to, diagnostic error) in his chapter 9, which is entitled “Failure in the Clinic.”

He ends that very insightful chapter with the following statement:

I don’t want to dwell too long on medicine because it is so fraught with moral and ethical issues.  Not to mention the economics that has come to drive so much of it.  I refer not only to physicians, but even more to the entire medical infrastructure—from hospitals to insurance companies to device and instrument makers to the drug business.  Medicine is a science, an art, and I’m afraid now an industry.  It clearly deserves its own book on failure, but I am not the person to write it.

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