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Thank you for the reply, Jason.
I do not see any impact yet.  This change must come from the bottom - not
top-down, if we are to have any chance of changing medical culture and
adopting such medical decision aids, in my opinion.  We need support for
development and scaling of this decision-support strategy, I believe.  I
am now beginning discussion of this with a large healthcare network, but
the funding institutions are, as far as I can tell, ignoring this central
issue.  I believe this will have to take place with local funding from
institutions that recognize this as a good business venture.

On 2/1/16, 04:17, "Jason Maude" <jason.maude at isabelhealthcare.com> wrote:

>This is very depressing. Are you seeing any impact from the IOM report
>yet in helping to change culture? I am expecting/hoping that the report
>will start being discussed by hospital boards and this will eventually
>translate in some sort of action which could include providing and
>encouraging the use of decision support as you describe.
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>On 30/01/2016 16:30, "Alan Morris" <Alan.Morris at IMAIL.ORG> wrote:
>>Thanks - this is likely to continue until we, as a profession, focus on
>>the core problem:  the overtasked physician, asked to do humanly
>>impossible decisions without effective decision support.  I believe we
>>will be mired in this problem set unless we target automatic control of
>>medical tasks (closed loop protocols) with adequately detailed computer
>>protocols.  This requires a cultural change and recognition that the
>>Hippocratic model (the expert model) is necessary but by itself
>>insufficient.  Most of the time I feel as if I am talking to a wall.
>>Have a nice day and Happy New Year.
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>>On 1/30/16, 08:57, "Robert Bell"
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>>>The AMA Morning Rounds today has an excellent article on Physician
>>>burnout. It mentions Errore in Medicine.
>>>Rob Bell, M.D.

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