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Burnout is because of a lot of reasons. I think the single most important is
the push for volume, productivity and throughput. The old model that the
physician makes all the decisions is antiquated and needs reengineering
making the physicin part of a care team. How much time do you all spend just
gathering data on a patients, trying to find out what the consultant said or
plans? Were the meds reconciled on admission? Fatigue comes from doing the
menial tasks not the doctoring. The single biggest contributing factor in
mistakes is the rush for productivity. How can a hospitalist round on 50
patients a day? Our profession needs to slow down make less money and do a
better job. Pilots are limited in the hours they fly for a reason, the
industry knows very well the point at which fatigue becomes a hazard. On
this point I have made a 180 degree turn in my 30 year tenure as a
physician. In the long run showing physicians the science of human error,
James Reason's writings come to mind, will make great strides as most
physicians are curious and as their understand of the science of error
increases they will do the right thing. 


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