Looking for references on patient harm from common tests and treatments

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Hello David

Please check out the Preventing Overdiagnosis website:  http://www.preventingoverdiagnosis.net/.  There are lots of references.  And if you have time, attend the Barcelona meeting.  Medicalization, overtesting, overdiagnosis and overtreatment (all associated with huge costs, both to the patient and health system) are becoming modern society's new medical evils.

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Subject: [IMPROVEDX] Looking for references on patient harm from common tests and treatments


I have a resident interested in a developing a talk for us on harms associated with common diagnostics and therapeutics, like antibiotics, narcotics, and CT imaging. This can be independent of but can relate to errors in over-diagnosis.

Does anyone have any references they would recommend for creating such a talk? For any copyrighted material, I can just take the information and take care of obtaining the article.

Thank you,


David Gordon, MD
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