Knowing your sources

robert bell rmsbell200 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Mar 22 22:44:37 UTC 2016

I came across an alleged Albert Einstein quote that said,

"The secret of Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” 

Like many quotes this one does not seem to have been said by Einstein.

I found this which gave the history of the quote. <>

Then I thought, if there was any truth to this, does the secrecy and potential obfuscation of researchers in anyway hinder Creativity and advances in medicine/science.

I am reminded how long it takes to make breakthroughs in medicine/science, put new drugs not the market, etc.

And then if that was true true could this list do anything to speed things along. 

After all most think the we are not making progress fast enough in saving lives due to errors in medicine.

Just a thought. Would welcome comment.

Robert M. Bell, M.D.

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