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Our Romanian colleagues have provided a more detailed submission describing some of their work and publications.  See below.

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On Apr 5, 2016, at 3:37 PM, Diana - Veronica Costache <costachedianaveronica at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear David,

Following your communication with Prof. Dr. Traian Mihaescu, I am bringing forward further information regarding the ISPRO <http://www.ispro.ro/> website. 

This hub platform for the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Romania is frequently updated with fresh materials <http://www.ispro.ro/raport.html> so that anyone looking for scientific information can have quick and easy access to it. 

Apart from this activity, we hold regular meetings in scientific groups, which are documented and their conclusions are also showcased <http://www.ispro.ro/ev20160128.html> on the ISPRO website. Another important aspect is the publishing of scientific materials in medical magazines.

See below examples of such materials:
> “Specific features of diagnostic errors in Pediatrics <http://www.ispro.ro/files/Particularitati%20ale%20erorilor%20de%20diagnostic%20in%20pediatrie%20%28Medica%20Academica,%202016%29.pdf>” – March edition of “Medica Academica” magazine, 2016:    At present, diagnostic errors in pediatrics are poorly explored and accepted in the everyday practice. Mistakes are difficult to be recognized by anyone, and doctors make no exception. For a pediatrician it is not enough to just have a good knowledge in pediatric pathology. In order to operate under optimum conditions, a physician must know very well the child`s psychology, master every stage of its development, thus being ready to face communication issues with his little patient.
> “New directions in improving the diagnostic process <http://ispro.ro/files/Noi%20directii%20pentru%20imbunatatirea%20procesului%20de%20diagnosticare%20%28Medica%20Academica,%20An%20VIII,%20nr.%2062,%20noiembrie%202015%29.pdf>” – November edition of “Medica Academica” magazine, 2015:                        Statistics show that, benefiting from the current medical system, each of us has a very good chance to receive a wrong diagnosis at least once in our lifetime, some of them with devastating consequences. This paper presents the findings of a study by the Institute of Medicine in the United States that sets out eight fundamental directions to improve the quality of medical service.
> “Avoiding diagnostic errors: What can patients do? <http://ispro.ro/files/Evitarea%20erorilor%20de%20diagnostic.%20Ce%20pot%20face%20pacientii%20%282015%29.pdf>” - November 10th edition of “Ziarul de Iasi” journal, 2015:              Anyone can make mistakes, but a good education that should be practiced among patients may help avoid medical errors. Patients need to know some simple rules that, properly respected, can keep them away from a medical error. The article was published in a daily newspaper and represents a guideline for patients regarding their interaction with the physician and the medical services as well.
> Looking forward to your thoughts,
> Diana Costache, MD

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