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That group does indeed do good work.

FYi, they published a follow up paper (from the Annals one) with us at BMJ  Qual Saf this year. Providers contextualise care more often when they discover patient context by asking: meta-analysis of three primary data sets


Analyzing 3 different data sets (one being the one from the Annals paper the Medscape article mentions), they showed that docs acted on social context issues (eg, food insecurity or job loss) when coming up with a care plan arm more often if the docs had inquired about possible problems as opposed to the patient spontaneously bringing it up.

When we were reviewing the paper and sending minor revisions requests to the authors, I mentioned that the result reminded me a little of a paper from the medical decision making lit in which Don Redelemeier and colleagues showed that clinicians assign more weight to information that they have to work to obtain - e.g, in forming a diff diagnosis. [Redelmeier DA, Shafir E, Aujla PS. The beguiling pursuit of more information. Med Decis Making 2001;21:376-81. ]

It was a minor point and I didn't tell the authors they had to reference it, but the first author apparently knew of the paper already and happily added to the discussion.
The Redelmeier study is more an example of a cog bias of the type people like to think about in the context of Dx errors. The problem about not paying as much attention to important assertions by patients that are made spontaneously instead of in reply to questions obviously adds other regrettable elements ;)


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A link to an interesting news story on Medscape, reporting on material presented at a recent ACP conference.


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