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Bob Gorman bgorman at KNCELL.ORG
Thu May 12 15:14:10 UTC 2016

With so many types of deadly errors, you probably don't want to 
hear about yet another one. But it kills patients, so here it is.

I'm 74 years young. I've never had a flu shot or the flu. Then I 
got the flu. I called my PCP who urged me to go to the local ER. 
Error point #1, control of my health passed from my PCP, whose 
known me for 28 years to the ER doctor who doesn't know me at 
all. He wasn't very optimistic, and gave me a 50%-50% of living 
till morning. Fortunately, I picked the right 50% so I'm here 
writing these words.

But a subtle Error #2 occurred, when I was admitted to the 
hospital - my health decisions will now be made by a 'hospital' 
doctor, who also doesn't know a thing about me. After 3-4 days 
he considered, correctly, that I was too weak to return home, I 
live by myself, and sent me to e physical rehabilitation 
facility. Now the fun begins. The re-hab doctor, #3, who also 
doesn't know me, puts me on a limited fluid diet, even tho the 
floor nurses say, emphatically, that I'm dehydrated.

Fortunately, I have a strong oppositional defiance strength, so 
I let them do all their arguing, smiled widely, then when they 
were all gone, I got up and went to the sink in my room and had 
a tall cup of cold water. When I left the re-hab facility, I was 
given a long list of Rx most of which I ignored.

I'm still alive to write these words, many others are not. I'm 
not sure what to call this thread, 'Hospital doctors', switch of 
control', 'systemic error' or whatever, I'll let you guys & gals 
fight over a title...


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