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While this is not a scholarly article or clinical study, the viral response to this topic tells you that the latest study on how female patients' pain is not treated as seriously as male patients' pain is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Personally, I just had another episode of diagnostic error. Went to see an internist over the summer telling her of two specific and extremely painful problems; one G.I. and the other in my elbow. She dismissed both without examining either and doubled up my Rx of PPI's and Aleve. The pain increased for both to the point where I went around her to seek the attention of specialists. My G.I. problem was serious and I've been treated by a gastroenterologist over the past five months for ulcers and a hiatal hernia plus a couple of other issues. My elbow does have a partial tear of the tendon, nerve damage and inflammation, exactly as I had reported. While neither of these are life-threatening, there is no reason why I should have gone through all the months of pain I've been through. The punchline is that the doctor who refused to take a female patient's pain seriously is a woman. And I am now looking for a new internist in New York City. 
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