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Lorri Zipperer Lorri at ZPM1.COM
Sun Aug 21 18:12:29 UTC 2016

I am sure list members are aware of the efforts in hospitals/health systems
to have an defined individual serve (ideally full time) as a mid-level
leader to coordinate specific areas of improvement across organizations:
patient safety officers are a top-of-mind example of this model. These roles
ideally have the authority and expertise to span boundaries between the
various improvement projects and levels of the organization (from front line
to C-Suite) to enhance collaboration, communication and learning. In
addition they actively provide their insights as needed through involvement
in investigations, committee work, and policy development (amongst other

Does the group see that a similar role to help reduce Dxerror would be of
value?  Do we need a DxImprovement officer role? If so, what would/could its
unique contribution to dx error reduction be? What evidence could support


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