Factors associated with clinical reasoning ability

Shantanu Nundy shantanu at HUMANDX.ORG
Tue Aug 30 20:57:17 UTC 2016

Our collaborators at Johns Hopkins will soon be leading a national study to
validate the Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx) open case collaboration
platform as a tool for measuring clinical reasoning ability.

Part of this initial study includes surveying physicians and trainees to
collect data on factors known or strongly suspected to be associated with
clinical reasoning ability, including structural factors (e.g., years of
practice, practice setting) and physician attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

Dr. Reza Manesh, one of the PIs for the study, copied here, is interested
in getting feedback from this group on a late draft of the survey. See

Thank you in advance for your insights,
Shantanu Nundy, MD

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