Illustration of Teaching Cognitive Processes

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A great title, and a great read.  Next to premature closure, these 'context' errors are probably the most common cause of cognitive errors.  Pat Croskerry nailed this in his classic article "Context is Everything; Or … How Could I Have Been So Stupid".  We are all pretty good at sense-making, but we're a long way from perfect.

My main take-away from Detsky's article is that it should actually be EASY to educate trainees on the most common cognitive problems, because we each encounter these on a regular basis in our everyday lives.  The consequences, of course, will differ, but the errors are the same.


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On Sep 14, 2016, at 11:29 AM, David Katz <d.katz at MAIL.UTORONTO.CA> wrote:

Hi all,

One of my mentors, Allan Detsky, has written a really nice illustrative piece in JAMA about teaching cognitive processes. <>

David Katz

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