Factors associated with clinical reasoning ability

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On Tuesday, 30 August 2016, Shantanu Nundy <shantanu at humandx.org> wrote:

> Colleagues,
> Our collaborators at Johns Hopkins will soon be leading a national study
> to validate the Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx) open case collaboration
> platform as a tool for measuring clinical reasoning ability.
> Part of this initial study includes surveying physicians and trainees to
> collect data on factors known or strongly suspected to be associated with
> clinical reasoning ability, including structural factors (e.g., years of
> practice, practice setting) and physician attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
> Dr. Reza Manesh, one of the PIs for the study, copied here, is interested
> in getting feedback from this group on a late draft of the survey. See
> attached.
> Thank you in advance for your insights,
> Shantanu Nundy, MD
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