Nice discussion (and graphic) on the topic of cognitive bias

Bruno, Michael mbruno at HMC.PSU.EDU
Sun Oct 2 23:42:38 UTC 2016

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I recently came across this well-organized blog on the cognitive biases recently, and was very impressed with it.  The title is "cognitive bias cheat sheet."  It provides a schema to organize the myriad cognitive biases which have been described in the literature, and puts them into a conceptual framework which helped me to make sense of this very complex topic.  I hadn't heard of the author - Buster Besnson - before, but he is clearly a very organized thinker!  He points out that the many cognitive biases with which we struggle in diagnosis actually exist for particular reasons, and they can actually be adaptive under many circumstances.

I am sharing this link here, with our Improvedx group, because I thought it would be of interest in helping us to better understand a complex set of problems - our mental biases - which underlie a large fraction of our diagnostic errors in practice.

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Here's the link:

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