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Dear doctor Grossmanthe story is as follows1.Girl eats chicken2-Girl feels adifficultyl when swallowing3-A couple of days later feels chest pain, fever4-Goes to the doctor5-Gets an RX and is told to have flu6-A week after the chicken food she wakes up with a violent hematemesis7-Comes to the hospital8-The mother founds chicken bone in the vomit.blood9-Diagnosis is suspected(perforation of oesophagus and aortic vessel10-vascular surgeon sutures both11-Girl dies after some days in the ICU due to suture failure
the  fact i wanted to point is that the doctor who attended the first  complain did not pay attention to the whole history and did not suspect  the origin of the symptomsSo sorry for the confusonedita

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 #yiv0698535923 P {MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;}The story you relate seems almost impossible. Who saw the patient? its not non listening , but rather active DISREGARD, not just for the historic information , but equating massive hematemesis with a "flu"  diagnosis seems a bit out of touch.  Michael Grossman, MD, MACPSpecial Assistant to the DeanProfessor, Internal MedicineProfessor, Biomedical InformaticsUniversity of Arizona College of Medicine PhoenixFrom: Edita Falco [edita.falco at GMAIL.COM]
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Dear colleagues

Absolutely true!!!  the patients tell the story.... if we know how to listen

Short story
teen ager comes to ward with huge hematemesis.Her mother shows a chiken bone the girl has vomited with the blood-
some days before   she had suffered a problem while eating ..later feels chest
disconfort, malaise, fever..Goes to doctor gets a RX and is sent home with
flu diagnosis...nobody paid atention to the incident.
The bone had eroded
the esophagus and produced an aortic tear...she died days after being
repared the lesion
nobody listened the true story

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