variations in variability

Tom Benzoni benzonit at GMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 1 14:13:01 UTC 2016

A topic for awareness/discussion is guidelines.
They need to support the person on the sharp end of the process, the
practitioner advising the patient.
So is it acceptable that there is variation among guidelines for the same
Would this be acceptable in other high risk industries?
An example crossed my desk this morning:

The variability among professional societies' recommendations for VTE
prevention in pregnancy has hampered attempts at quality improvement. The
NPMS challenges obstetric units to adopt all the features of this bundle in
an endeavor to reduce the burden of maternal morbidity and mortality, both
of which are disproportionately borne by poor women and those of color.
Ideally, efforts to streamline recommendations and encourage measurement of
important outcomes will promote equity and excellence in maternity care.

Is it not abrogation of responsibility to push this off onto the

How do you reconcile this?

(There are legion examples of this in medicine.)


Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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