Thousands of vets misdiagnosed in Veterans Affairs traumatic brain injury exam mishap -

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Hi Mark:

I would agree despite the headline if this paragraph wasn't part of the article:

"They were not conducted by properly qualified neurological and psychiatric specialists, resulting in not only potential misdiagnosis, but disability compensation claims that may have been unfairly denied."

As most on this listserv know, TBIs can be difficult to diagnose even for doctors who are trained to do so. That's why the potential new blood test has made headlines. But the VA are the ones who said the neurologists and psychiatrists were not properly qualified. 

Perhaps you can help me understand what was meant by "properly qualified". The Devil's in the details and this article is missing too many of them. 

Thank you, Mark. 

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,

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On Nov 23, 2016, at 11:05 AM, Mark Graber <mark.graber at> wrote:

Please excuse my bias as a VA provider, but the headline about misdiagnosis of TBI in combat veterans is probably highly misleading.  This is NOT a story about botched diagnoses.  The VA has been at the forefront of studying and trying to characterize and diagnose TBI since the war in Iraq.  This is a story about how much progress has been made in recognizing and understanding TBI over the past decades, transparency in admitting that the science of diagnosis in this field has advance considerably and trying to do the right thing for the affected patients (and being able to do so by tracking them through registries).  Its a story of how diagnosis improves, more than how it fails.


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On Nov 23, 2016, at 9:37 AM, HM Epstein <hmepstein at GMAIL.COM> wrote:

25 thousand veterans were just notified their traumatic brain injury was misdiagnosed. VA admits to 8 years of mishandling how the patients were diagnosed and treated. And then how their claims were rejected. 

This article is just about one city's numbers.

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