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These are probably reliable data on Medical Liability payments. The real
question might be, however, what do these payments represent as it relates
to quality of care. Often defendant doctors are counseled to accept a
payment "within the limits of coverage", just to make an action "go away".
These payments are supposed to be without prejudice, not admitting
Do we think that this registry has any bearing on Diagnostic Error?
There are multiple opinion pieces that suggest that very few medical errors
get to the Tort Courts, and that even may of the most egregious errors
don't get there.
I might be cautious about how we recommend the NPDB, for what purpose?

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> I recommend going to the NPDB site for accurate information.  See these
> links to start with:
> NPDB homepage: <>
> Specific information about what must be reported can be found here: <
> page=ECivilJudgements.jsp>:
> "Each entity that makes a payment for the benefit of a health care
> practitioner in settlement of, or in satisfaction in whole or in part of, a
> written claim or judgment for medical malpractice against that practitioner
> must report the payment information to the NPDB. A payment made as a result
> of a suit or claim solely against an entity (for example, a hospital,
> clinic, or group practice) that does not identify an individual
> practitioner should not be reported to the NPDB.
> Medical malpractice payments are limited to exchanges of money and must be
> the result of a written complaint or claim demanding monetary payment for
> damages. The written complaint or claim must be based on a practitioner's
> provision of or failure to provide health care services. A written
> complaint or claim can include, but is not limited to, the filing of a
> cause of action based on the law of tort in any State or Federal court or
> other adjudicative body, such as a claims arbitration board. Eligible
> entities must report when a lump sum payment is made or when the first of
> multiple payments is made.”
> As to the comment about confidentiality of settlements, from the link
> above, "Confidential terms of a settlement or judgment do not excuse an
> entity from the statutory requirement to report a payment to the NPDB or
> from providing a narrative describing the payment. The reporting entity
> should explain in the narrative section of the MMPR that the settlement or
> court order stipulates that the terms of the settlement are confidential.”
> There are many additional links for further information on all the
> activities within the scope of the NPDB at the links above.
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