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In response to a number of requests for additional information about Dr Palen’s short report on his roll-out of the American College of Radiology Select decision support software in their Epic EHR, he has submitted a PowerPoint presentation with a preliminary analysis of the data.  A more thorough review is under way.

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> I often cannot make a diagnosis the first time I see a patient. In fact it may take many visits, testing, and cogitation to arrive at the diagnosis that fits all the facts and even then it may be wrong.
> Early on in this process I am often frustrated by the need to "code” a diagnosis. Early on I may not know the diagnosis but if forced to code on it may often be in error. I sometimes resort to just coding the most
> pertinent symptoms (but the business people do not like that). It would be much better if our coding systems would allow for coding "preliminary” or "working" or "presumed" and finally "confirmed." But alas we are not, we
> are not allowed a coding system that is clinically relevant but rather the owners of the system profit from a coding billing system. Until this changes we will be forced to use inadequate means to document (and hence an
> inadequate means to measure) diagnostic reasoning.

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