Beyond biases?

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Hi all
I haven't read these articles *
so cannot comment on the details
However I would treat anything in the "Daily Fail" as we call it in the UK
with utmost scepticism
Wikipedia have just banned  it as a unreliable source
It peddles sensationalism, xenophobia and sexism as well as some of the
most inaccurate medical reporting possible and is also consistently anti-GP
(family practitioner )
There are numerous websites collating its contradictory stories about
cancer causes and cures eg

* the reason I haven't read the articles is that my most successful NY
resolution ever made 1/1/15 (and still continuing) was to stop reading it -
has been excellent for my mental well being

Best wishes


PS Thanks for this great discussion list which I enthusiastically lurk

Alan Shirley
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Flowers Health Centre
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Sheffield GP Training Programme

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On 8 Feb 2017, at 22:28, Peggy Zuckerman <peggyzuckerman at> wrote:

How is it possible for a child so severely impacted by his unrecognized
disease to have to wait for two years to get an appointment at the
children's hospital?  Is that typical or was there some other reason not to
get the review needed when it was obvious that this was a complex situation?

Shocking and to read that the child died of sepsis in such a setting is
beyond belief.

Peggy Zuckerman

On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 11:22 AM, Jason Maude <
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> These 2 tragic cases of misdiagnosis have been reported recently by the
> Daily Mail:
> 1.   The first is a 5 year old boy with a missed diagnosis of juvenile
> arthritis
> arthritis-two-years-misdiagnosis.html
> 2.   The second covers a 24 year women with a missed diagnosis of brain
> tumor
> intelligent-woman-24-dies-brain-tumour.html
> The most significant aspect of both these cases is that in the first the
> patient was seen *20x over 2 years by clinicians and in the second 14x
> over 9 months*!
> With this number of visits we must have gone beyond ‘biases’ to just plain
> pig headedness!
> These cases show how the most effective and simple trigger to catch
> potential cases could be one that flags up re attenders for the same
> problem for a complete rethink.
> Regards
> Jason
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