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robert bell rmsbell200 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Mar 12 20:00:48 UTC 2017

I have often wondered whether we should at the same time as we work towards more accurate diagnoses, whether we should first sort out all the errors that we blindly seem to accept in medicine.
The inaccuracy of all the tests we use. Including routine lab tests and radiological evaluations.
The inaccuracy of the stethoscope with HCPs, particularly those with hearing losses and lack of experience.
The need for two forms of identification for each patient.
Taking a blood pressure measurement over differing layers of clothes.
Weighing someone at the time of an office visit with differing weights of clothes and items being carried.
Taking three blood pressure measurements on separate days after resting to diagnose hypertension. It is said that there are many on hypertensive medicine who need not be.
And I am sure there are 100s more to add to this small list.
Perhaps ally with a Society that can take on this task, or even do it ourselves? Triage the most important and, ? issue a report, do research if necessary, ? start tomorrow.

? A FIRST TIDY UP MEDICINE PROGRAM - that should help with diagnoses.

Rob Bell, M.D.

Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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