Looking for Statistic on Aneurysm Rupture Survival Rates

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Wow! What a fortunate outcome.  I'm interested to hear the answer to your question and would like to pose another.

Is there data on the appropriate initial diagnosis/evaluation by emergency responders when it comes to determining the level of care a patient will need, as was the differentiator in this case?  Outcomes tied to this early factor would be interesting to know.


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On Mar 31, 2017, at 05:45, Bob Latino <blatino at RELIABILITY.COM<mailto:blatino at RELIABILITY.COM>> wrote:

Two weeks ago, a good friend of mine's daughter suffered the rupture of an aneurysm at 35 y/o.  She was nonresponsive for 12 minutes and transported to our local Trauma 1 hospital which was about 40 minutes.  Brain surgery was performed within 8 hours of arrival at the hospital to put a stent in place.

Amazingly she 1) survived, 2) will be released from the hospital tomorrow and 3) has no apparent deficits at this time.  She still has to take it very slow (she is very fit Physical Therapist) for about 4 months and has residual headaches which will reportedly fade in due time.

Does anyone have any stats of the survival rates of such a traumatic event and to survive with no apparent deficits?

The family is obviously overwhelmingly grateful to God and the hospital staff, but I was curious as to how uncommon it is to survive an aneurysm?

This is related to SIDM in a sense because the initial belief was that she was having a seizure (epilepsy ran in the family).  They were going to transport her to the local hospital which would not have been able to properly treat a ruptured aneurysm (and the time delay likely would have killed her) in a timely manner.

The Emergency Crew staff recognized the acuity of her case and decided to transport her to the Trauma 1 center a farther distance away.  Luckily it was the right decision.

Thanks for any feedback on this question.

Bob Latino

Robert J. Latino, CEO
Reliability Center, Inc.
blatino at reliability.com<mailto:blatino at reliability.com>



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