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Wed Apr 19 00:30:58 UTC 2017


Until medicine radically changes how we track data we will never achieve our desired levels of diagnostic acumen and safety.
Medicine currently tracks patients with events but we should be tracking events with patients. 
Take a while and internalize that statement as all Electronic Medical Record companies are identically built to track patients and not events.
Unlike Medicine, FedEx and every other successful communication industry on the planet tracks events.
Why can't we track a skin biopsy or mammogram like a pair of shoes from Amazon? We should and when we make that transition all the magic happens.
I have attached an article I published at HIMMS for you to consider.(Attached )
Malpractice Companies now offer premium discounts to physicians users of our and software because physicians have less errors and a reduced malpractice risk. (Attached promotion from MedMal Direct Malpractice Company)
I practice dermatology and built the software company to solve the communication problems occurring in Medicine.
I hope you find this conceptually interesting.
Sidney Smith MD CEO Complete.MD 

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