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Sat May 27 01:57:36 UTC 2017

Regarding whether single payer systems offer help, I found this. <>

The results suggest that there could be less errors in medicine, and one presumes also in diagnosis.

The is the suggestion that they are valuable in many ways, even here in the US.

It would be very good to know that single payer systems reduce errors, and in particular errors in diagnosis.

One would think that if standardization was uppermost in healthcare organizations that things could improve.

This might be a thing to know for the current national debate on healthcare for the nation. Lives saved and injuries prevented. 

I would welcome knowing if there is more support from other other single payer systems, perhaps overseas, that offer help to the aims and goals of SIDM. 

Is there anything from our Australian list members? There are 20 private healthcare plans in Australia and there would seem to be an opportunity for comparisons to be made. Although, I acknowledge that may not be possible.

There is also a National Health system -

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