Simulation to study the diagnostic process

Mark Graber graber.mark at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 31 15:30:12 UTC 2017

Studying diagnosis 'in the wild' is not impossible, but it certainly
presents challenges.  Another approach, far more controllable and largely
eliminating the risk of hindsight bias, is to study the process
proactively, using simulation.  Here's a pioneering study in that direction
by Daniel Nystrom and colleagues:

*Virtual Patient Simulation: A Method to Study Diagnostic Process as an
Emergent Aspect of Information Sampling Behavior*

Daniel would be happy to provide a personal copy for anyone interested -
you can reach him at
Daniel Nystrom <dtnystrom at>

Mark L Graber, MD
President, SIDM

Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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