Remembering Larry Weed

Art Papier apapier at VISUALDX.COM
Mon Jun 19 12:23:08 UTC 2017

With great sadness I share with the SIDM community that Larry Weed MD, at
age 93, passed away June 3rd in Underhill Vermont. I know only a few on this
list knew Larry personally and many more certainly remember his towering
personality, intellect, creativity and his pure genius.  Over 50 years ago
when medicine was a mostly male, paternalistic fraternity, Larry published
and spoke to the need to have the patient first and to have the patient
engaged in shared decision-making. He advocated for "open notes" when they
were paper notes!   Foremost Larry wanted us to have real impact.  In
addition to creating the Problem-Oriented record, the SOAP note format and
Problem-Knowledge Couplers, Larry continued right up until his passing to
advocate for a publically open, problem-oriented digital medical knowledge
network.  Larry and his son Lincoln contributed to the first issue of


Medpage Today also published my remembrance this morning:
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And if you are not at all familiar with Larry it is well worth watching his
1971 Grand Rounds at Emory


My question to the group:  When are we going to start paying attention to
Goal 3 of the NAS Report?






Art Papier MD


Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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