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My father, Dr. Milton Gusack, knew Dr. Weed and when I started my third year clinical rotations he emphasized that the proper use of the SOAP method of progress notes would help me help my patients as it did his.  SOAP was somewhat new back then and many of the older physicians resisted it even denigrated it.  However, it was so powerful regarding properly collecting clinical information and organizing it to support the diagnostic and  therapeutic effort that it was clearly one of the major systems oriented improvements that greatly improved healthcare.

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With great sadness I share with the SIDM community that Larry Weed MD, at age 93, passed away June 3rd in Underhill Vermont. I know only a few on this list knew Larry personally and many more certainly remember his towering personality, intellect, creativity and his pure genius.  Over 50 years ago when medicine was a mostly male, paternalistic fraternity, Larry published and spoke to the need to have the patient first and to have the patient engaged in shared decision-making. He advocated for “open notes” when they were paper notes!   Foremost Larry wanted us to have real impact.  In addition to creating the Problem-Oriented record, the SOAP note format and Problem-Knowledge Couplers, Larry continued right up until his passing to advocate for a publically open, problem-oriented digital medical knowledge network.  Larry and his son Lincoln contributed to the first issue of Diagnosis []
Medpage Today also published my remembrance this morning: []
And if you are not at all familiar with Larry it is well worth watching his 1971 Grand Rounds at Emory []
My question to the group:  When are we going to start paying attention to Goal 3 of the NAS Report?
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