New NPSF Patient Safety Survey

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Simplest analysis first: "Say" occurs 53X in this document, "data" once
referring to "say", "verify" or "found" = 0X.

"*Data* is not the plural of anecdote." (for more:

As someone who was working until 2200 last night doing this then spending 2
more hours completing the EBR (some call EMR, but that's another
discussion) I want a lot more intellectual rigor before I'm on the
I am concerned that we here lack the skepticism about ourselves
(meta-cognition/introspection) that we have when viewing others. Some might
place this phenomenon with "CDR":

So let's apply a technique of cognitive debiasing on this listserv and find
what's wrong with this paper.
If the paper is correct in it's assertions, then we'll circle back around
to it; the findings will be stable.

Let us first disagree with ourselves (without being disagreeable) and see
what happens.
After all, any hack lawyer can argue their own side; the expert argues the


On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 9:45 PM, Mark Graber <
Mark.Graber at> wrote:

> Safety_Survey_Fact_Sheets_2017.pdf
> The NPSF has just released the results of a recent patient safety survey
> conducted nationwide:
>    - Twenty-one percent of Americans say they have personally experienced
>    a medical error and 31 percent have been personally involved with the care
>    of someone who has experienced an error.
>    - The most commonly reported type of error are those related to
>    diagnoses. Among those who have experience with a medical error, 59 percent
>    say that the patient had a medical problem that was not diagnosed, was
>    diagnosed incorrectly, or a diagnosis was delayed.
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