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Robert Bell rmsbell200 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 22 20:28:01 UTC 2017

Dear list members,
I have been interested in the recent discussions about diagnostic problems.
However, I wondered if there might be more comment, more interest if the arguments were illustrated by examples. I wondered if we might learn something if, for example, the difficulties of diagnosing a Myocardial infarction were compared to say a Takotsuba cardiomyopathy (which I understand is not too uncommon).
Then I said to myself, is the reluctance to talk about the actual clinical situation in our discussions in some way governed by privacy considerations - and in the US the confining HIPPA regulations.
But there should be a way to overcome that by using fictitious stories, modified stories to preserve privacy, very old stories, etc., etc. 
Would some list guidelines help and get us closer to the actual patient in our deliberations?
Rob Bell, MD

Moderator: David Meyers, Board Member, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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