Two articles - Dx error by medical students; Analytical error in the lab

Mark Graber Mark.Graber at IMPROVEDIAGNOSIS.ORG
Fri Nov 24 13:47:22 UTC 2017

FYI, two recent articles from our European colleagues:

From Braun et al:  A study of senior medical students:  Their error rate was near 50% in diagnosing case vignettes, and the authors explored possible contributing factors.  Deficiencies in clinical skills and knowledge deficits were commonly identified, along with context errors and premature closure.

From Vogeser et al:  The reliability of analytical testing in the clinical lab is orders of magnitude better than any other aspect of the diagnostic process, yet analytical errors persist.  This article is a  narrative review of why you may sometimes get an anomalous lab result from an analytical error. Did you know about interference by biotin or acetaminophen?

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