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Thought that this response which came through a patient advocate group
might be of interest to all.
Peggy Zuckerman

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Subject: [PAIR] FW: Fwd: Word ban at CDC includes 'vulnerable,' 'fetus,'
'transgender' - CNN
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from  a friend at CDC:

*From:* "Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald (CDC)" <director at cdc.gov>
*Date:* December 16, 2017 at 8:10:34 PM EST
*To:* CDC All - CDC & ATSDR and non-CDC & non-ATSDR <allcdcwide at cdc.gov>
*Subject:* *Recent Media Reports*

Dear Colleagues,

You may be understandably concerned about recent media reports alleging
that CDC is banned from using certain words in budget documents. I want to
assure you that CDC remains committed to our public health mission as a
science- and evidence-based institution.

As part of our commitment to provide for the common defense of the country
against health threats, science is and will remain the foundation of our

CDC has a long-standing history of making public health and budget
decisions that are based on the best available science and data and for the
benefit of all people—and we will continue to do so.

Below is the full HHS statement addressing the media reports.

*"The assertion that HHS has 'banned words' is a complete
mischaracterization of discussions regarding the budget formulation
process. HHS will continue to use the best scientific evidence available to
improve the health of all Americans. HHS also strongly encourages the use
of outcome and evidence data in program evaluations and budget decisions.”*


Brenda Fitzgerald, MD

Director, CDC, and

Administrator, ATSDR

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*Subject:* Re: Fwd: Word ban at CDC includes 'vulnerable,' 'fetus,'
'transgender' - CNN

Is there any one who has seen a copy of the actual document that
gives/takes the language that is not to used with the CDC?

To my way of thinking, this is so unbelievable, that I can't believe it and
won't until there is some documentation thereof.

And also trying to separate rumors from facts.  In HS, I was required to
'cite your source' in all prepared assertions, which seems to have been
forgotten this last few years.


Peggy Zuckerman

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