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Dear colleagues:  The Moore Foundation and others are sponsoring a one-day symposium at Stanford in April that will focus on artificial intelligence in healthcare and diagnosis.  It should be interesting for anyone who can make it.  The website and registration information are available below.


Mark L Graber MD FACP
President, SIDM
Senior Fellow, RTI International
Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University
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Stanford Presence Center invites you to our inaugural Human & Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Symposium

This symposium at the intersection of the art, science, engineering, and economics of medicine seeks to engage clinicians, patients, engineers, philosophers, entrepreneurs, academics, and more.

Whether we are ready for it or not, artificial intelligence/machine learning/data-driven technologies are progressively becoming a part of medicine. Yet medicine must remain fundamentally an endeavor of humans caring for other humans.

With purposeful insight, this Human and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Symposium will bring together a dynamic community of key thought-leaders to guide and mature a conversation on recognizing the powerful potential of such engineering opportunities, while at the same time, mitigating the risks of many unintended, but predictable, consequences.

Register today<http://med.stanford.edu/presence/initiatives/hiai-symposium/AICRegister.html> to join us *early bird pricing until March 1

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

9:00am - 6:00pm, including closing reception

Li Ka Shing Center, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, Ca

Confirmed Speakers
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Abraham Verghese       Eric Topol                      Fei-Fei Li                           Mark Graber

And more…
Abraham Verghese

What This Computer Needs is a Physician

Eric Topol

Healthcare Ex Machina: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Medicine

Lawrence Tierney + Tanya Gupta

Human Diagnostic Intelligence – A Live Demonstration

Mark Graber

Diagnosis - The Beauty and the Beast

Lloyd Minor

Precision Health vs. Physician Burnout

Art Papier

20 Years Bringing Visual Decision Support to Practice

Fei Fei Li

Using AI to Illuminate the Dark Space of Healthcare

Erich Huang

Creating a Data Science Culture

Rob Califf

Who's Responsible? Regulatory Guidance

Margaret Levi

AI, Automation, and Society

Bob Kocher

How to Make Our Crazy, Expensive, Amazing, and Uneven Health Care System Better Faster

For more information visit:

Sponsored by:
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