17 year gap (was change with 1 day training)

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Would it be possible to share those studies with me.  I would be
interested,especially if any are in the pediatric specialty.  Best,

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> I couldn't agree more. In the UK I am getting calls from nurses who are
> under greater pressure from the growing shortage of GPs
> Tools like DDx Generators can help nurses with putting together a
> differential and leverage their skills. We have studies showing how the use
> of a DDx Generator increases the dx accuracy of clinicians by 30% on
> average.
> Bringing nurses and patients fully into the diagnostic process is a no
> brainer!
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> On 04/06/2018, 19:18, "Lyn Behnke" <lynbehnke at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
>     I just read Michael’s article on Kaiser and change.  One thing that I
> keep noting.  Nursing is not included in any of this and certainly should
> be.  Although diagnosis doesn’t seem to be in the realm of nursing, it
> truly is.  Especially in behavior change, patient education, patient
> support, care coordination, home care, hospice - and in rural care.  Many
> places where physicians aren’t involved as deeply because of the physician
> shortage in rural areas, palliative care, hospice and the like.  For
> example, we have 1 internist in the county now.  1 general surgeon, no
> resident orthopedic surgeons and no hospitalists from this community.  We
> have 4 full time family Doctors, 2 part time family Doctors, 5 nurse
> practitioners and 5 PAs providing care in our community.  Anyone presenting
> to the emergency department is shipped 120 miles down state.  Imagine how
> happy you would be if you received a 5,000.00 ambulance bill for a ride in
> the back of an ambulance for GERD.
>     So, in that background, nursing does most of the heavy lifting in
> health care.  Particularly in long term care, the palliative care, hospice
> and home care situations.  We have few hospitalized patients.  When I was
> doing transitional care, anyone who coughed received albuterol.  Didn’t
> matter that they had HFpEF.
>     So, we can bemoan these errors and frustrations, or we can dig deeper
> and look at who the stakeholders are.  I think we are on a good track with
> patients, but what about the community and the nurses?  I think we can move
> things along more quickly if we have a larger provider base.  Nursing is
> the largest base in health care.  Consequently, leveraging their numbers,
> knowledge and expertise can help the diagnostic process become more fluid
> and correct.
>     Back in the day, nurses were trained in diagnosis because physicians
> came and went and nurses were at the bedside  for 8-10 hours.  We had to
> have a differential diagnosis brewing all the time.
>     I could go on and on but I have grading to do.
>     > On Jun 3, 2018, at 7:24 PM, Michael H. Kanter <
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>     >
>     > <A Model for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices More Quickly.pdf>
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Be well, Julianne

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