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Fri Sep 14 18:22:26 UTC 2018

Dear Listserv subscribers:

The Board of Directors of SIDM recently adopted a policy for the listserv requiring those who submit material for posting on the listserv who have a real, apparent or potential conflict of interest to disclose that in their submission at the appropriate place. The policy is as follows:

ListServ Disclosure Policy: Any individual who submits material to the listserv for publication and who has a potential, real or apparent conflict of interest, e.g., ownership or commercial interest in a business or product which may be used in diagnosis or which s/he will mention or make reference to in the submission must disclose such interest at the point of relevance of the information.

Those submitting to the Listserv should state their relevant affiliations the way journalists do, at the point of relevance, not just at opening statement or in the signature line. 

Example: "Trump accuses the 'failing NY Times' of printing ‘fake news' (full disclosure: I do freelance work for the NY Times).” 

Example: "Tools like differential diagnosis (DDx) generators can help nurses put together a differential list and leverage their skills (full disclosure: I am owner and CEO of DDxGEN, a company which licenses a DDx generator for use by clinicians)."

Example: “IBM has overstated the capabilities of Watson, as evidenced by its inability to… (full disclosure: I am the principal and majority shareholder of GYDR - GetYourDiagnosisRight, a software product licensed for use as a clinical decision support tool.)”

If questions or feedback, please let me know. Thanks.

David L Meyers, MD FACEP
Listserv Moderator/Board member
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