Artificial intelligence in radiology: Friend or foe? | Diagnostic Imaging

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The fundamental theorem of medical informatics is that the human + computer is better than the human alone.



A "Fundamental Theorem" of Biomedical Informatics
This paper proposes, in words and pictures, a "fundamental theorem" to help clarify what informatics is and what it is not. In words, the theorem stipulates that a person working in partnership with an information resource is "better" ...
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what reasonable professional would consider trying to do his/her job today without the aid of the computer. AI is nothing special, it is just a new name (or old name that is resurfacing after a massive amount of hype in the early 1980's led to the AI winter see: ) for complex data analysis and interpretation. Don't be fooled or lured by the hype.


Another AI winter could usher in a dark period for artificial intelligence | Popular Science
Artificial intelligence researchers have already weathered several "AI winters" of decreased funding and public skepticism. They may face another one soon.
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Will AI in radiology reduce diagnostic error? I know that many on this listserv believe that the loss of communication between clinicians and radiologists has caused as many diagnostic issues as errors made by radiologists interpreting images. [<>]

Will AI help?

And even if it doesn't help, do we think that this quote from the article is true: "Artificial intelligence won't necessarily replace radiologists, but it will replace radiologists who don't use artificial intelligence."

Will market forces mean that radiologists have to adapt AI even if they don't understand how to use it properly?<>


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